An Interesting Exchange

Recently one of our customers had an exchange by email with the “Three Letter PSRU and Engine Company, Inc”, who’s company posted many derogatory comments on their website that were obviously directed toward Geared Drives. Read along and see how he treats this potential customer who simply wanted to talk to some of his customers who are flying their “three letter company” engines before making a decision to purchase:

Sent: Fri, Sep 3, 2010 9:49 am
To: That Three Letter PSRU Company
CUSTOMER: “Please contact me at (***) ***-****. There is not phone number on your website.”

On Sep 4, 2010, at 8:50 AM, ***** wrote:
JK of Three Letter Company- “It is with purpose that I did not include a phone number in the Three Letter Company website. Please give me some idea about the subject in which you are interested.”
JK Three Letter Company, Inc.

CUSTOMER: “I'm helping my fiancé with a homebuilt. We are looking at alternative engines. I have been all over your website. Are there any of your customers who are currently flying that I may speak to about their experiences with your LS engines? ...thanks”

JK of Three Letter Company: “ I'd be happy to talk to you about your project. But before embarking on a conversation rehashing material already published, I would suggest contemplating the following excerpt from my page on LS-based conversions:

HOWEVER, before running off to buy an LS-2, take a close look at the Engine Conversions section of this site, espacially the page titled Engine Conversions. Bottom line: does 360 HP justify an engine package in excess of 750 pounds?

BTW, all our conversions were custom-built high grade engines designed for aircraft use.

We have never provided an LS engine conversion. The reasons are many, and are presented in great detail on the Three Letter Company website. Here are a few of the important links:

http://www.***-***.com/aircraft_engine_conversions/conversions_contents.htm (THIS ENTIRE SECTION, but ESPECIALLY the page entitled Evaluating the Wisdom of an Engine Conversion)



After having digested that material, email back and we can set up a time to talk.”

CUSTOMER: “So there are none flying?”

JK of Three Letter Company: “Didn't say that. I said Three Letter Company has never provided an LS conversion.”

CUSTOMER: “So what are three letter company customers flying sir? I thought you sold engines or psru?”

JK of Three Letter Company: “Quoting from a reply of about 15 minutes ago: BTW, all our conversions were custom-built high grade engines designed for aircraft use.” JK

CUSTOMER: “Sir I was under the impression that you were an advocate of auto conversions but it appears you prefer to avoid answering my questions. I was hoping you would give me real answers and not political ones. You obviously do not want anyone to speak to any if your customers prior to purchase. That worries me. Thanks anyway.”

JK of Three Letter Company- “If you paid attention to the detailed material presented on my website, you would have realized that we are heavily involved in aircraft engine conversions, but are just as involved in advising people (who actually WANT to listen) against the typically foolish conversions which abound in the wishful-thinking world of experimental aviation.

Your attitude is representative of WHY I don't have a phone number on the site: I would be wasting far too much time on the phone with people whose minds are already made up and don't want to be confused with FACTS.

POLITICAL answers? Now that is a real confuser.

Can you actually comprehend the written word?????

Have a nice day. “


CUSTOMER: “So you don't have any flying. No wonder you are so defensive.”