The Latest Developments at Auto PSRU's

Upgraded PSRU Models

Starting January 2016 the incorporation of all the new features developed over the last 3 years into both PSRU’s will roll over new model designations. The BW350 is now be the BW350b (technically the BW350a was going from a cast aluminum case to a CNC machined case), and the 200Z is now the 200Za. The rest of the website has already been updated with these changes.

Efforts to develop a good internal dipstick resulted in an expensive and difficult to manufacture design. So going back to the old drawing board ended up with a simpler and easier to use sight tube design. The key was finding a clear tubing material that exceeded the temperature ranges and would not yellow. This sight tube for checking the oil level in both the BW350b and the 200Za was unveiled at Oshkosh 2016. All the previous upgrades developed for the clutch assembly, case breathers, seal ring retainers, etc., will also be incorporated into the new models. I have also been able to maintain the same prices for both PSRU’s with all the upgrades thru 2016.

I have in stock two 200Z cases that are already machined for the removable dipstick design, and one BW350a case that is not machined for a dipstick. The BW350a case could be machined for a removable dipstick or a slightly modified version of the new internal dipstick. Due to this overlap with the new models I will be discounting the price of the PSRU’s based on these three older cases by 10%.

That is $1,510 off for a BW350a and $1,010 off for a 200Z just for a different dipstick design. All the previous upgrades are included. The online ordering system is not set up to process this special offer so call or email if you are interested.

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Maintenance Bulletins

200Z Seal Retainer.pdf

BW350 Oil Sea Bulletin Announcements and Update 1.pdf

BW350 Seal Retainer Update 2.pdf

Future Developments

We are looking at the all aluminum Chevrolet 4.3L 90 degree V6 truck engine as a more viable engine for this horsepower class. The newer 2.8L and 3.6L 60 degree Chevy V6 engines are also being looked at, but they have a unique bolt pattern. More details on the lineup of Chevrolet engines will be released soon.

New Firewall Forward packages for Subaru coming soon: After hearing about Jan Eggenfellner's withdraw from Subaru engines at Sun N Fun 2013 Auto PSRU's has decided to add Subaru firewall forward packages to go along with the 200Z gear box. Watch for future announcements on when these will become available.

New applications for the 200Z are also being developed. On the list are the Mazda 13B and 20B engines, and the Ford 300 In-line 6 cyclinder for our WWI Replica friends. A mockup of the Mazda 13B development will be on display at Sun N Fun 2017

A new oil filter remote mount for the BW350 has been developed to eliminate suspending it from the oil pump housing with threaded pipe and fittings eliminating the potential fatigue crack failure in the pipe threads. A new retro-fit kit has been developed for previous customers as well should they want to upgrade their installations. Contact us for details.

I have started a library of bellhousing bolt patterns relative to the crankshaft center line and associated flywheel flange bolt pattern data for several different engines. Accuate data is required to keep the center lines of the input shaft and the engine crankshaft aligned correctly for proper operation and long life of the PSRU. The data for older engines is much easier to get if we don't already have it. But if you want to use a newer engine check with us to see if we have it yet, or provide us with the data or a source to get it from.

If you have a special engine between 150 and 400 horse power you want to install in your project let us know. We will be happy to help you.