Package Options

Options for all Packages

Over the development of engine package installations our customers have asked about options that they wanted to add to their project. This has developed into a list of possible options that can be added to the engine installation package for any airframe kit. The limitations are based mostly on available space, weight and cg considerations, and cost.

The list of options developed so far are;

  1. Back up (dual) alternator
  2. Back up (dual) battery
  3. Air Conditioning system
  4. Engine pre-start oiling system
  5. Upgraded fuel delivery system with dual pumps, post rail regulator, and separate filter
  6. Optional ECU system (replaces stock ECU) (several available)

This list, and possible combinations, is limited only by the imagination and developing technology. So watch for more information to be added as it develops.

The prices of these options can vary depending on the parts selected and the aircraft the installation goes into. Call for the latest information and costs based on your project and goals.