Our Decision Regarding Air Show Attendance

Bud expressed his opinions regarding changes in policies at both Sun n Fun and Oshkosh in his website toward his engine demo trailer as well as other issues. As a result of those changes Bud sold the demo trailer and changed his policy toward attending Sun n Fun and Oshkosh. The demo trailer has been recovered and is going through refurbishment and replacement of missing parts.

Many things have changed since 2008 and those policies may have changed as well. I know that there have been changes in their respective management that may have influenced this situation. It will take some time to research the current policies and situations at both events to access if it is worth the time and expense for Auto PSRU's to return to these events.

Bud's assessment of what it takes in time, money, and effort to go to these events is very accurate. I have been involved with other companies, and with friends that take their companies to Sun n Fun and Oshkosh every year. The economic recession of the past few years has had a noticeable reduction in the number businesses that can justify this marketing expense, but these are important events and Auto PSRU's will make it a priority to be there.

The interest that you express in meeting us at a booth, or on the flight line, with or without demo equipment, will also help us to determine when Auto PSRU's will return and what we will bring for everyone to see. As with any marketing expense, the potential returns must be weighed against the total cost and effort.

I will be at AirVenture 2017 in the North Aircraft Display area, booth #643, between Zenith Aircraft and Fisher Flying Products on the isle behind them. This booth is directly behind the one I had for the 2016 show. Look for a white trailer with our logo on it attached to the end of a white tent. There will also be a banner at the very front of the booth. The outdoor display areas are twelve times larger allowing us to display more items, plus enough room for a completed aircraft with one of our PSRU's installed. I will have the engine demo stand there this year too, but we can't run it. A video presentation of the engine demo will be available to watch in the booth. There will also be a lot more parts on display in the booth plus the racks that show the internal configuration of both gear boxes. There will be more pictures of customer projects to check out to. Larry and I will be there to answer all your questions and we have handouts for you to take with you.

I am working on a new presentation to give but don't have any details on the date and time yet. Updates will be posted as soon as information is available.

If you can't make it to one of these events the good news is that there are plenty of YouTube videos you can check out. There are several past air show demonstrations, info demonstrations, and builder videos of several types of aircraft with these PSRU installed. From these you can get an excellent idea of how well they function and what we can provide for your aircraft project.

Of course, we will always be happy to answer your questions, provide support to Geared Drives legacy customers, and show you around our facility at Hicks Airport if you have time to stop by. Check out the directions under the Contact tab to find us.

Stuart Davis
and the gang at Auto PSRU's

Auto PSRU's  (936) 827-5126