Team Tango Foxtrot

FWF Engine Package for Team Tango's Foxtrot

A four place composite kit, the Team Tango Foxtrot 4 has proven to be an ideal platform for the LS3 engine package by Auto PSRUs. For more information on the Foxtrot 4 click here. The photos below are of an aircraft being completed at Team Tango's hanger in Williston Florida.

Auto PSRU's FWF engine package for Foxtrot Four


All aluminum water cooled Chevrolet LS3 engine with altitude compensating electronic fuel injection. Spur gear propeller speed reduction unit with fully automatic centrifugal clutch and flywheel assembly. Ships already assembled and test run for bolt on application to Foxtrot firewall. Custom programmed ECM and wiring harness. You add your own propeller governor, propeller, fuel pumps, and fuel regulator/filter.

Weight listed is with dual radiators and may vary depending on customers choice of options.

Foxtrot Four FWF Specifics

Fuel 100LL or Premium Unleaded
Wet weight with all accessories 580 lbs.
Output 367 HP at 4500 RPM
Shipping time: 90-120 days
Deposit required 50%
365 HP 6.2L LS3 V8 Chevrolet, all aluminum INCLUDED
Fuel injection INCLUDED
Electronic Ignition, ECU and Custom Wiring Harness INCLUDED
Alternator, 105 amp INCLUDED
Lightweight starter INCLUDED
Cooling system Aluminum radiator Baffling Overflow tank INCLUDED
Ceramic Coated Exhaust System INCLUDED
Engine mount, black powder coated, including vibration dampeners and all parts to bolt engine to engine mount INCLUDED
Auto PSRU's PSRU Reduction Ratio 1.667 : 1.00 CNC Billet Aluminum Case INCLUDED
Centrifugal Clutch and Flywheel Assembly INCLUDED
PSRU High Pressure Oiling System with Filter INCLUDED
New Chevrolet LS3 Engine INCLUDED
Test Run prior to shipping INCLUDED
Firewall Forward Package Price $39,200