Geared Drives Video Clips

Frank Braun's Bearhawk First Flight

March 8, 2011 Frank Braun made his first flight in his Bearhawk powered by Geared Drives LS1 engine package and reported a successful flight with engine operating temperatures in the 160 range-and even cooler gearbox temps. Congratulations Frank!

RV-10 LS1 Engine Run up

Bill Gipson does some ground testing in his RV-10 powered by the Geared Drives LS1 engine package with the BW350 PSRU.

Lee Apaka's RV-7

Fly with Lee Apaka in his RV-7 powered by Subaru H6 Boxer engine and the Geared Drives 200Z PSRU over the skies of California.

Sube GB Prototype Run Up

Larry Perryman does ground testing of his RV-9A with 2.5L Subaru 4 cylinder engine and the prototype 200Z PSRU. At the time of posting this was the only RV-9 in the world flying a constant speed hydraulic prop. Larry reported improved climb rate and no more rum rum rum harmonics.

200Z Test Run on Frankenstein

The first 200Z PSRU bolted on to our test engine "Frankenstein" as we run it up and break in the seals and check for leaks.

Osh Demo 2008

This was the only year that we were allowed to demonstrate our engine at Oshkosh. They since ruled that this was dangerous and will no longer allow it.

Low Fly By

The Geared Drives Wheeler Express performing a high speed low fly by at our home FBO in Conroe, Tx.

6000 FPM Climb Clip

This climb clip illustrates that climb rate and performance is greatly enhanced with the torque multiplication that is achieved with the Geared Drives BW-350 PSRU. VSI indicating 6000 FPM from the Geared Drives Wheeler, and we were holding 120 MPH quite well until we had to stop out climb and level off in order to avoid busting class B air space. This is with inboard fuel tanks full. Bud was PIC and three adult passengers on board at the time.

Chevy Engine Starts Easily

Sun n Fun allowed us to do a "mag check" and this demonstrates how easy it is to start a Chevy powered airplane. This Wheeler Express was powered by a 383 Chevy built from a Chevy aluminum racing block and aluminum heads. It utilized Bendix aircraft style fuel injection and MSD ignition.

Machining the BW350 PSRU from Billet Aluminum

View some of the machining process of the BW350 PSRU, built by Grippin Billet in Fresno, California.

Starting with a solid chunks of 6061 T6 Aluminum

The BW350 PSRU is carved out to exacting standards and hold tolerances to within one half of one thousandths.